Le Ti St Barth

Somewhat amazingly, everything you’ve heard about Le Ti is true.  It is not a restaurant for the inhibited:  dancing on tables in outrageous costumes is de rigeur. Though, like everything on the island of St. Barts, there is a gloss of class, this will soon be dissipated by midnight under the weight of eurotrash disco beats and bubbly.

The most astonishing thing of all given the restaurant’s debauchery and design (it has the appearance of a seedy French bordello whose proprietor could only procure red velvet) is that the food is really quite good.  The “Zen Tartare”, composed of tuna tartar, guacamole and lime soy sauce was both fresh and refreshing and the seared Angus beef fillet was tender and served alongside a wonderful Thai salad and crispy noodles.  The restaurant is known for its traditional charcoal barbecue method of grilling, and every now and then extremely out-of-place-looking guests will arrive having somehow heard only that datum and thinking it sounded like a quaint and pastoral venue for dinner.  If they can make it through dessert, they usually end up in the costume room a few hours later.


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Pointe Milou

+590 590 27 97 71
    Pascal Giglio, Chef