Arguably the most beautiful brasserie in Paris, Bofinger is a majestic ode to Belle Epoque exuberance.  The enchanting main dining room is dominated by a grand oval cupola featuring Art Déco-style floral motifs in the intricate glass.  There are also tufted leather banquettes, bronze wall sconces, dark polished wood inlays and wainscoting, Müller's tulip-shaped lights in glass paste and oversize flower arrangements, all of which are beguilingly reflected in the bevelled mirrors that line the walls.  It is not surprising that François Mitterrand chose Bofinger to celebrate his election as France’s new president in May of 1981. 

The brasserie was opened in 1864 by Frédéric Bofinger, as an Alsatian refugee, as a local gathering spot for the many neighborhood Alsatians who had been employed in woodworking and cabinet-making since the 16th century.  As a result, the brasserie’s design and menu still bear many Alsatian influences (e.g., choucroute galore).  It was also the first Parisian brasserie to offer beer on draught.  It is generally best to stick with the classics:  the French onion soup, something from the raw bar, variants on sauerkraut.  This classic Parisian brasserie has one of the best ambiances in all of Paris, a city renowned for its beautiful design, and that distinction alone causes it to merit a special visit.


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4th Arrondissement
5-7 Rue de la Bastille
+33 (0)1 42 72 87 82
Mon-Sun, noon-3.00pm, 6.30pm-midnight
    Georges Bellondrade, Chef


    • Paris
    • French
    • Best Bars
    • Best Decor
    • Historic
    • Private Dining Room Salon Hansi: 70 seated Salon des Continents: 25 seated Salon des Marqueteries: 50 seated
    • Romantic


    • Zagat : 19


    • THE ROYAL BOFINGER - 1 lobster, 4 langoustines, 1 crab, 4 prawns, 18 assorted oysters, brown shrimps, shellfish
    • French onion soup
    • Duck foie gras, mirabelle plum chutney with Sylvaner and brioche
    • Full-meal sauerkraut - Frankfurter, Jura sausage, smoked bacon, salt pork chop, steamed potatoes
    • Sole meunière, grilled or steamed, steamed potatoes
    • Grilled chateaubriand, confit tomato, fresh green beans, chipped potatoes and béarnaise sauce