Sushi Seki

Chef Seki worked for a number of years with "Gari" Masatoshi at Sushi of Gari, where he absorbed Gari's modern, filigree approach to the art of sushi.  Thus, salmon may be seared or topped with tomato, tuna may be covered in a tofu sauce, yellowtail may be spiked with jalapeño, unagi may be chopped and served on a bed of avocado.  Traditionalists can fault the pair for their lack of traditionalism – but not for the taste of their cuisine.  Sushi Seki's atmosphere is less formal, less luxurious than at, say, Gari 46, but the quality is roughly comparable. 

There is a 12 seat sushi counter up front, and a mostly unadorned, cramped room in the back.  The best options are the omakase or a sashimi/sushi platter, which give you a panoramic sense of the range of Mr. Seki's progressive vision.  These frequently end with a delicious spicy scallop hand roll, reminiscent in many ways to the rock shrimp tempura handrolls at Koi.  We recommend you pair your meal with a selection from the restaurant's distinguished sake list. 


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Upper East Side
1143 First Ave.
New York (nr. 63rd St.)
(212) 371-0238
Mon-Sat, 5:30pm–3:00 am
    Mr. Seki, Chef