Angelo of Mulberry St.

This landmark Little Italy establishment has been serving traditional Neapolitan cuisine since 1902.  On nice evenings, the restaurant is opened up to Mulberry St. and tables are placed on the sidewalk – it is one of the more pleasant al fresco dining destinations in the city, and affords the added benefit of escaping the commotion of the dining room.  The room is invariably packed, with harried waiters zipping past and boisterous tourists.  The somewhat kitschy décor ends up being charming and completely winsome. 

The hearty southern Italian cuisine really is all it's cracked up to be. The fried mozzarella in a special sauce is thick and flavorful.  The pastas are fresh, hearty and rich.  One of the most impressive is a black linguine with crabmeat and shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce, a frequent special. But there is a marvelous lobster ravioli and a mushroom pappardelle that are regularly on the menu.  Angelo's has stood the test of time, and we think it is the best restaurant in the dwindling neighborhood that is Little Italy.


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Little Italy
146 Mulberry St.
New York (nr. Grand St.)
Tues, noon-11:30pm, Fri, noon-12:30am, Sat, noon-1am, Sun, noon-11:30pm