Le Marrakchi

The main reason to go to Le Marrakchi is the preeminent panoramic view of the bustling Jemaa el Fna square below, which can be magical in the evening when the square’s pulse quickens.  Situated at the northeast corner of the square in a two-story building, the restaurant offers decent traditional Moroccan cuisine, including one of the best pastillas (a sweet pigeon pastry that is a specialty of Morocco) and one of the best Moroccan crepes that we sampled in Morocco.  The interior is well-designed with zellige walls, painted cedar ceilings and rich fabrics, all illuminated by soft candelight. 

It is, however, a touristy restaurant, and this ties in to one final, regrettable note:  Tipping at restaurants is not customary in Morocco and very few locals do it, although some of the English guidebooks do recommend small amounts at restaurants.  Nevertheless, the city is full of touts, scam artists, and others eager to take advantage of unknowing tourists, and sometimes restaurants will get in on the act as well by brazenly noting that service is not included in an effort to coax money from foreigners.  The servers at Le Marrakchi do this, but in a particularly unpleasant and unrelenting way.  We were almost prevented from leaving by servers repeatedly and shamlessly insisting we tip them. It can leave quite a bad taste in one’s mouth after what is otherwise a very delicious, pleasant experience. 


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