Café Bousafsaf

Jacques Majorelle, son of the anointed Art Nouveau furniture designer Louis Majorelle, was a French painter who, while recuperating from heart problems in Marrakech, created the 12-acre Majorelle Gardens in 1924.  The beautiful, desert-style garden is interlaced with patches of a beautiful, special shade of blue, now known as Majorelle Blue.  The garden rose to prominence again when it was purchased by Yves Saint-Laurent in 1980; upon his death in 2008, his ashes were scattered throughout the garden. 

Café Bousafsaf, named after Jacques Majorelle’s original house, is the on-site restaurant.  It shares with Le Jardin Majorelle an acute sensitivity to design and beauty and is a convenient and attractive place to have lunch or pass the time with some mint tea while touring the gardens.  The food is relatively mediocre; the service even poorer.  But the ambience and convenience are more than enough to recommend it.


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