The Steak House Wine bar + grill

Steakhouse Wine Bar + Grill is Hong Kong’s best steakhouse, an accolade that should ominously presage its prices.  Indeed, the average steak will cost you between $200 and $300 USD.  Compare this to NYC’s best steakhouses, 10 or so of which are superior to Steakhouse Wine Bar + Grill, at which the steaks average about $50 USD.  We haven’t penalized the restaurant in our rankings or review for its prices, but will note that in terms of sheer value, there are much better meals to be had for the equivalent sum of money.

That little disclaimer out of the way, let us elaborate on why Steakhouse Wine Bar + Grill is Hong Kong’s best steakhouse.  Located at the tip of TST in the InterContinental hotel, the views of Hong Kong Island’s skyline and Victoria Harbour are excellent; there is a tony, sophisticated winebar and lounge next door with a gorgeous bar and red leather banquettes; the service is extremely attentive and gracious (the steaks take a while to prepare; when we opted not to order an appetizer, they brought us a small onion soup gratis); a salad bar that is positively Caligulan; the meat is universally high quality – USDA prime, Australian “Wagyu”, Canadian Prime, Japanese A5 Hida Wagyu or Argentinian – and are grilled on a charcoal grill; and there is a marvelously eclectic collection of condiments: 12 blends of mustard and 8 varieties of exotic rock salts with their individual mother of pearl spoons.

Since you’re spending a fortune anyway, you might as well get a good steak.  We recommend the Japanese A5 Hida Wagyu striploin, rib eye or tenderloin, the Australian Wagyu Grade 7 Tomahawk or the USDA Prime Chateaubriand for Two.  Among the salt selections (Peruvian Pink, Chardonnay Oak Smoked, Murray River, Ittica d'Or Sicilian, Alaea Hawaiian, Himalayan Pink, Gris de Guerande and Cyprus Flake), stick with the Peruvian Pink, Murray and Alaea Hawaiian.  The wine list is very fine, though the fact that individual glasses run between $30-40 USD is, again, obscene.  Try pairing it with a glass of the Chateauneuf de Pape, and order sides of subtle, wonderfully balanced creamed spinach and crispy French fries.  Nota bene:  There is a 15% discount with Amex Platinum cards.


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Tsim Sha Tsui
Lower Level, 18 Salisbury Road, Kowloon
+852 2313-2323
Mon-Fri, 6pm-11pm; Sat-Sun, noon-2:30pm
    Alex Cheung, Sommelier
    Calvin Choi, Chef


    • Hong Kong
    • Steakhouse
    • Best Service
    • Best View
    • Best Wine Lists
    • BYOB Corkage Fee: $500HKD