Jardin de Jade

Jardin de Jade is a contemporary Shanghainese restaurant chain with outposts through mainland China and in Macau. The main dining room has semi-grand décor with its double-height room dominated by a dramatic red-tipped chandelier; however, you may be seated, as I was, in a brightly-lit, hot, outer lobby/bar area with families consisting primarily of screaming young children. This lessens the experience considerably.

The regional Chinese cuisine includes, in addition to Shanghainese, some dishes from the Zhenjiang and Suzhou regions. Many of the things I attempted to order, I was discouraged from ordering by the waiter because they were too large – for four people, etc. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be worth mentioning, except that it has been my nearly uniform experience in Hong Kong that first-rate Cantonese restaurants in the city will gladly and proactively offer you a half or even quarter portion of many of their signature dishes in order to maximize the number of dishes that you can try. There was no effort at accommodation here. As a result, I was forced to massively over-order and gavage myself, one of the many sacrifices I make for you, dear reader.

The xia long bao were the third best I’ve had in Hong Kong, after Din Tai Fung and Ye Shanghai. Thin-skinned and rich with broth, they were impressively executed. The house special braised pork was, in terms of taste, tantamount to deliciously fatty braised short ribs. Fried rice "Yang Zhou" style had ideal fluffiness and the sliced ham with honey sauce was addictive and balanced. The restaurant is known for its jasmine tea smoked duck, which must be ordered in advance, however it was one of the many dishes I was prohibited from ordering. This is a decent restaurant, a place I would visit again, but certainly not a fine dining establishment, and it's difficult to understand why this restaurant merits a Michelin star.


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Wan Chai
Sun Hung Kai Centre, Shop G3-4, G/F
30 Harbour Road
+852 3528-0228
    Y.M. Tsui, Chef


    • Hong Kong
    • Shanghainese
    • Chinese
    • Dim Sum
    • Private Dining Room