Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

The most striking thing about Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is its baroque, clubby décor, with massively over-scaled heavy drapery, dark woods, leather, roman sculptures, oil paintings and murals and beautiful 13-light table lamps.  It is grand and theatrical, and also a little kitschy.  There are also accoutrements: an elaborate salad bar, a seafood and oyster bar, and a cigar room.

But Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is, after all, a steakhouse, and that is what you are there to consume.  Beef is flown in daily from Nebraska, Canada and Japan, and dry-aged and wagyu offerings are available.  Curiously, the Hong Kong Tattler includes the restaurant in its list of the Top 20 restaurants in Hong Kong for 2013.  It is not, by a long shot, one of the top 20 restaurants in Hong Kong; indeed, it is not even the top steakhouse, an honor that likely belongs to the obscenely overpriced yet still good Steakhouse Wine Bar + Grill.  But the food is serviceable, if also expensive, with excellent, thickly-sliced garlic bread to start, and 2 fine steak options: the dry-aged Canadian angus porterhouse and the Japanese A5 Wagyu from Kumamoto.  Also the service is splendid and, impressively, everyone including the bartender knows your name.  The sommelier, Nicolas Deneux, is excellent and was named the best sommelier in Hong Kong by the Tattler.


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Wan Chai
1 Harbour Rd
+852 2588 1234
Mon-Sun, 6pm-10:30pm
    Nicolas Deneux, Sommelier
    Patrick Shimada, Chef


    • Hong Kong
    • Steakhouse
    • Best Decor
    • BYOB Corkage Fee: $500HKD
    • Private Dining Room Private Dining Room 3: 32 seated Private Dining Room 2: 12 seated Private Dining Room: 12 seated Semi-Private Dining Room: 8 seated