Din Tai Fung - Causeway Bay

Din Tai Fung began as a diminutive restaurant in Taiwan specializing in xia long bao (the founder, Yang Bingyi, was born in Shanxi, China but relocated to Taiwan in 1948).  Now, it has locations in 28 cities, a testament to the quality and popularity of its dim sum. Both locations in Hong Kong have attained Michelin stars at various points in time.

Massive wait lines form on weekends, and an army of waitstaff bestrides the room, serving with military efficiency (but also warmth; as each party enters the restaurant, every member of the staff stops what they’re doing to bow and greet you). You are given the order form to fill in while waiting to be seated, thereby expediting the arrival of your courses.

Xia long bao are steamed buns made with a light, thin dough and filled with ingredients like savory minced pork, shrimp or vegetables, which are then steamed on bamboo racks.  They are dipped in a sauce of soy sauce mixed with vinegar, a hole punctured to slurp out the soup or as a valve to let the hot steam escape, and then ravished.  The thing about Din Tai Fung’s is that they really are as great as they are reputed to be and, equally important, of a very consistent quality.  The two essential orders are the regular steamed pork dumplings and the steamed black truffle pork dumplings, an inspired juxtaposition that you can’t find many other places.  However, the steamed chicken dumplings and the steamed shrimp and pork dumplings are also very fine.  We like to order the boiled glutinous rice bun stuffed with pork for some variety as it is just a step below Tim Ho Wan's in sublimity.

Do not visit Hong Kong and miss trying the dim sum at Din Tai Fung; we recommend that you have a balanced dim sum experience by trying Din Tai Fung on Saturday, and a haute dim sum experience at Lung King Heen, Man Wah, Tin Lung Heen or Cuisine Cuisine on Sunday.


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Causeway Bay
68 Yee Woo Street
+852 3160 8998


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