Al Jounaïna

The Palais Jamais is one of the most renowned luxury hotels in Fez, dating back to 1879 and boasting incredible views of the medina, lush gardens and classical Moorish and Arab architecture.  Al Jounaïna is one of the three restaurants in the hotel, with an elegant interior and a terrace that overlooks the pool with the ancient Medina in the distance. 

Morocco may have been a French colony, but there has been plenty of time for the transplanted French culinary expertise to dissipate since its 1953 independence.  The French food at Al Jounaïna is as good as you are going to find in Fez, but wouldn’t hold a candle to any of the top 100 French restaurants in New York City.  But if you’ve eaten nothing but chicken tajine since your arrival, it may satiate the craving for variety.  Al Fassia, a Moroccan restaurant in the same hotel, was closed when we were there, but is generally regarded as one of the best restaurants in Fez.


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Bab Guissa
Mon-Sun, 7:30pm-10:30pm
    Hicham Hassan, Chef


    • Fez
    • Moroccan
    • French
    • Al Fresco