C Beach

There are a number of good reasons to dine at Cannes Beach, or C Beach, although none of them have anything to do with the cuisine.  Cannes Beach is located on the famed Boulevard de la Croisette, with its own private beach dotted with lounge chairs and the shade of umbrellas.  It also has an outstanding adjoining bar/club, which during the film festival becomes a riotous, DJ-conducted party of young bacchants.  Do not assume that you will get in: pretty much everyone at the film festival is well-off, and there are many attractive swans about.  The way to accomplish it is to dine at Cannes Beach first, arriving at some ungodly hour like 6pm and having a relaxed Mediterranean dinner, and then to proceed to the bar at the conclusion of your meal.  If the crush of music, crowds and fire extinguishers becomes too overwhelming, simply make your way out onto the beach, gin and tonic in hand, and admire the yachts berthed in the harbor. 


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La Croisette
45 Boulevard de la Croisette
+33 (049) 338-1459
    Stéphane Bichon, Chef


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