Upstairs on the Square

In his magnificent book, Losing Mum and Pup, Christopher Buckley wrote: "I did not, as a young Bacchant, in the sixties and seventies, absent myself from the garden of herbal and pharmacological delights – far from it."  Clearly, the acid tripping interior designer of Upstairs on the Square has unperturbedly continued right on into the 2010s without yet absenting himself.  The more formal upstairs Soiree Room is decorated with whimsical abandon in pink, purple, gold and turquoise with swirling light fixtures and oversized circular windows onto Harvard Square.  Evidently sensing that subjecting diners to such a sight only once was insufficient, the room is festooned in mirrored surfaces.  The more casual Monday Club Bar downstairs has been newly outfitted with, God help us, a raspberry-walled zebra room.  Whether you think this eccentricity is stylish or ridiculous, one thing not in dispute is the quality of Executive Chef Susan Regis' cuisine.

The cuisine at Upstairs on the Square is seasonally-driven New American, with New England-inspired offerings like a lobster knuckle "sandwich" and more adventurous fare, like the apple grilled quail that comes with boudin blanc.  There is also a vegetarian tasting menu in addition to a separate seasonal tasting of vegetables – all clear, we trust?  While we don't think Upstairs on the Square rises to the level of Cambridge's finest restaurants such as Craigie on Main, Salts or Bondir, it does offer a very fine meal, particularly when Harvard Square is carpeted with freshly fallen snow and the Soiree Room is aglow in firelight.


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91 Winthrop Street
Mon-Sat, 11:00am–11:00 pm; Sun, 10:00am–10:00pm
    Susan Regis, Executive Chef


    • Boston
    • American (Nouveau)
    • Private Dining Room Zebra Room: 30-55 seated Zebra Room and Monday Club: 50-150 seated Soiree Dining Room: 45-125 seated Jewel Box: 20-45 seated
    • Tasting Menu 5 Course Tasting Menu: $72 5 Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings: $105 7 Course Tasting Menu: $95 7 Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings: $140 5 Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu: $55 5 Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings: $87 7 Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu: $70 7 Course Vegetarian Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings: $115 5 Course Seasonal Tasting of Vegetables (Vegan): $50 5 Course Seasonal Tasting of Vegetables (Vegan): $72



    • Lobster Knuckle "Sandwich" - Cornmeal Dusted Fried Green Tomatoes
    • Mission Fig Ravioli - Smoked Mozzarella & Duck Ragù
    • Apple Grilled Quail & Boudin Blanc - Vignoles Grapes & Toasted Farro
    • Archer Farm Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin - Sherry-Flamed Cippolini Onions & Pickled Chanterelles