Cobà (Viceroy Anguilla)

The design of the Viceroy Anguilla resort, which was recently opened in late 2009, is striking – far more avant-garde than one typically associates with Anguilla, it is jarring at first, then an interesting counterpoint.  It is now, along with Cap Juluca, one of the two world-class resorts in Anguilla.

Coba is the signature restaurant of the resort, which sits perched on a bluff at the convergence of Barnes Bay and Meads Bay with panoramic views of the Caribbean sea and the frequent boats going to and fro.  It is the more formal of the restaurants, with modern art interspersed throughout and plush chairs and booths.  Although Coba styles itself as a steakhouse, the best dishes are almost uniformly seafood, such as an outstanding red snapper with chimichurri sauce or a halibut with caper butter.  You are unlikely to find better seafood in Anguila.


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Barnes Bay
Vicroy Anguilla HotelWest End AI-2640
264 497 7000
    George Reid, Chef